Golden & True



+ How do I book an appointment with you?

I have an online booking form that I will open every few months to take requests, booking a few months out at a time. Occasionally I will have a few last minute openings that I will post onto my instagram account @goldenandtrue as well.

+ Can I get on a waiting list?

Unfortunately I do not have a waiting list or cancelation list. As stated above, I occasionally post last minute spots on my IG with instructions on how to submit. First-come, first-served. Turn IG notifications on for a better chance to get in.

+ Where are you located?

I am located at Golden and True Studio in the Plaza District (the Plaza Walls alley). 1745 F1 NW 16th street Oklahoma City, OK 73106

+ Will you do color?

No, I prefer to stay within my style of black and gray fine lines and details.

+ Will you copy another tattoo?

Absolutely not! Tattoos can be very personal and symbolic for the person wearing it. I will never do a custom design twice, and will never copy another artists work. It’s helpful to see inspiration photos, and would love to create something personal and unique for you!

+ Can you draw a design for another artist to tattoo?

No, I believe in researching your artist, and going to someone you trust with your concept as well as the tattooing process. If you are willing to be patient, I’m sure I will get you in! Tattoos are nothing to rush into, and I promise it’s worth the wait.

+ What do you charge?

Most projects are priced by the piece, based on size, placement and amount of detail. I’m currently $150/hr.

+ Can I bring friends to my appointment?

Yes, but please limit the number to two friends. I also recommend driving separate as tattoos may take longer than planned and a restless friends will stress me out. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants in walking distance located in the Plaza for the restless friend/spouse/partner/parent/sibling.

+ What should I wear?

Wear clothing that allows easy access to the area that will be worked on. If it’s a thigh piece bike shorts work well. Also consider the possibility of ink getting onto your clothes.

+ How should I prepare before the tattoo?

Drink water and eat a good meal before. Feel free to bring snacks to the appointment as well as headphones and your phone.

+ Something came up and I need to cancel my appointment…

As long as I get a 48 hour notice I will be glad to reschedule you and put your deposit toward the new appointment day. Day of cancellations or no-shows lose deposit and must put down a new deposit to reschedule. Of course unexpected tragedy and accidents will be handled in a understanding manner.

+ Do I need to be early?

NO, on time is best :)

+ Will I get to see a sketch of the design?

Due to the high volume of work I do, I rarely will have a design before the appointment day. I try to give myself enough time before the appointment to make changes as needed, and am happy to make changes during the appointment as well.

+ What kind of ink do you use?

I use Fusion ink, made with organic pigment that is completely vegan.